Residential Locks

There once was a time when people didn't feel the need to lock their homes.  Theft, home invasions and robberies have been on the rise in recent years, and as a result many people have become concerned on how to keep their homes and families safer. 

Maybe you just moved into a new home.  Have you ever thought about how many other people may have a key to your current locks?  There could be numerous keys in the hands of previous owners or their friends and family members, neighbors, previous tenants, contractors, etc.  These keys can be used to gain entry into your home without you even knowing it.  If you have any doubt, if there are any keys you are not aware of, you should consider either re-keying the existing locks if they are in good working order or replacing worn locks completely.
Even if you are renting a house or apartment, you still want to keep your belongings safe and secure, and if you are moving into a new property that you do not feel safe in, give us a call.  Our skilled technicians are experts when it comes to advising you on a new lock for your home.  Of course, you could replace the mechanism yourself, but why would you trust your personal items with a cheap lock?  We will provide you with superior residential locks at affordable prices, and we have a huge variety of colors and styles.
There is nothing worse than a jammed lock.  We can repair it, but we can also advise you on an upgrade.  If you have to call us continually because of a faulty mechanism, we would recommend that you have it replaced.  Call us today!  We will be more than happy to work with you in getting what you need.


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